The Journey


Written by: Sarah Stewart    Illustrated by: David Small

Young Hannah brings her diary on her first trip away from the farm. Each night she writes to her “silent friend” about all her adventures in the big city. While Hannah enjoys carriage and boats rides, trips to the aquarium and museum she thinks often of her Aunt Clara and hopes to find her the perfect present. After each of Hannah’s diary entries about the city, David Small’s illustrations offer of beautiful glimpse into Hannah’s life at home.

Lil Bug says: I like the tall buildings in The Journey because I like tall buildings because I’m used to seeing them in Syracuse. I also like how they make a quilt because I like quilt. I like how this quilt has “X’s” on it and how it is white. I also like how The Journey has a pony and it carries the carriage to the bus stop. And I like buses which are pretty cool because you have seat belts in them. They are different from car seat belts because they wrap around your waist.

Big Mean Mike


Written by: Michelle Knudsen    Illustrated by: Scott Magoon

Who says big mean dogs and tiny fuzzy bunnies can’t be friends? When cute bunnies start showing up in Big Mean Mike’s big tough car he worries about his image. But after a good time at the monster truck show the bunnies show Mike that true friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Lil Bug says: He doesn’t let the bunnies in his car. The first time I read this one I wanted to keep it a secret but now I don’t want to keep it a secret. He drives his big, mean car. He’s the biggest, toughest dog in the whole neighborhood. And, also, do you know why I like it? I like how the bunnies hide behind everything. Also, I have a dog too, and her name is Maisy. Mike says, “Fine I’m not missing the show because of you.” When he drives to the gym, two of the bunnies are in his car and he barks at them. He puts them on the sidewalk and they aren’t happy. And when they were friends Mike let them onto his lap and let them go to the show. The other dogs weren’t nice to him and laughed and pointed at him and said, “Got some new little friends there?”

At the Same Moment Around the World


Written and Illustrated by: Clotilde Perrin

Fantastic trip around the world starting in Dakar, Senegal and making a stop in each timezone. So much fun to discover new places and think about how people all over the world are doing different things at exactly the same time. We read this book at bed time a lot and Lil Bug likes to think about her friends who live far away still playing outside in the sun while she’s tucking in for the night.

Lil Bug says: In Dakar, Senegal, Kieta wakes up early to count the fish that were stuck during the night. I like the shape of the book. I like where baby Diego lives. I like where France is and how they drink hot chocolate. I like how it brings together all the different people. I want to go to South America. I also like Peru. And I also how it brings together animals too like monsters in the “magical dreams”. And I also like hot cocoa.

Turkey in the Straw


Written by: Barbara Shook Hazen  Illustrated by: Brad Sneed

What happens when a farmer loves to fiddle? Well, his wife frets and his daughter fidgets until the unfortunate day that the gophers come, the cows stop making milk and there is a killer frost. With the farm in disarray they host a fiddling party! Now that music is filling the barn even the turkey starts dancing and soon the fretting and fidgeting are forgotten.

Lil Bug says: She dances so beautifully. So everyone stays square dancing. There is a turkey in the straw and she was fidgety. And then Emmy Lou got married to the stranger. In the beginning of the book they she says we are heading for the poor house but if you stop fiddling we are heading for the nice house.

Rosie Revere, Engineer


Written by: Andrea Beatty  Illustrated by: David Roberts

Rosie loves to tinker and build and solve problems. She makes helium pants, a cheese hat and hot dog dispenser but when people laugh at her inventions she sadly decides she will never be a great engineer. Rosie’s great-great Aunt Rose tell her that her biggest wish is to fly.  Now Rosie can’t stop dreaming, planning and designing. When her helio-cheese-copter lifts up only to crash down again, Rosie is devastated. But not great-great Aunt Rose who is thrilled with Rosie’s brilliant first try.

Lil Bug says: How would the shoes drop in helium pants? How would he take those things off? And how did the hot dog dispenser make hot dogs? Her dreams came true and she brought the cheese-copter out onto the lawn. She’s a great engineer, great engineer, great engineer.

Princesses are Pretty


Written by: Kath Smith  Illustrated by: Caroline Jayne Church

In Princesses are Pretty we meet Susie, Sarah and Polly three young, unique princesses each with their own story. With help from their friends Fairy Heather, Sir MacEye and Sir Dave the princesses get a good nights rest, share their toys and find a lost kitty. Adorable pictures and fun rhymes and of course princesses made this an instant favorite for Lil Bug!

Lil Bug says: She ran off to the woods and tears fell down her eyes because she would not share. Suzy snored all day long. Jolly Princess Polly lost her kitty.



Written and Illustrated by: Adam Rex

One night the moon follows a young girl home and stays in her back yard. It’s “chalky and cold” and fun to explore but with the moon still out night doesn’t end. As the darkness lingers everyone remains sleepy. Even when the moon is covered up the tides come in and dogs start to howl. Luckily the little girl makes a plan to return the moon to the sky.

Lil Bug says: She reached the moon and got her parents. They bring the moon to a hill where it came from, on and on past the starry night. And they went on and on and on and on and on. And then the neighbors said good night and the water from the ocean came in. The dogs said woof woof. And on and on and on and on.

Miss Rumphius


Written and Illustrated by: Barbara Cooney

Little Alice wants to be like her grandfather when she grows up and decides that like him she will travel to exotic places and then return home to live by the sea. But he gives her a third and much more difficult task: to make the world more beautiful. As she grows up Alice, now known as Miss Rumphius travels and makes friends all over the world. She eventually returns to a little house by the ocean. After enjoying the sight of her favorite flowers she comes up with a plan to make the world more beautiful.

Lil Bug says: Her back hurt her. She likes lupines. She grew flowers everywhere because she wanted to make the world more beautiful and the United States of America. Her niece was outside with her friends, and wanted to see her. And she looked over the hill and saw her flowers and she came back down the hill and over to the flowers. And her friends were talking about living by the sea when they are old.

Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur


Written by: Robin Pulver   Illustrated by: R.W.Alley

When the principal informs Mrs. Toggle she is getting a new student there is a slight misunderstanding and Mrs. Toggle frantically prepares her class for a dinosaur! Her anxiety increases as she asks the custodian for a bigger desk, takes her class to the library to learn more about dinosaurs and warns the cafeteria that a new student with a big appetite is coming. She realizes her mistake and is happily surprised when she meets her new student! Wonderful illustrations show what it would be like if a dino actually joined the class.

Lil Bug says: There’s a dinosaur! Mrs. Toggle takes the kids to the library. The children come in and Mrs. Toggle is on the phone with the principal. It’s not a dinosaur it’s Dina Sawyer!

Ladybug Girl


Written by: David Soman    Illustrated by: Jacky Davis

Even though her brother says she is too little to play with him and his friends, Ladybug Girl knows better. She is big and is ready for some big adventures. After savings ants, crossing the pond, building a fort and skipping along the entire fallen tree trunk, she knows for sure that “Ladybug Girl is definitely not little!”

Little Bug says: Her brother says she is too little to play. The ball bounces towards her. She tries to throw it, her brother snorts. Ladybug Girls swings herself onto the tree, she jumps down and her dog wags its tail. Her brother doesn’t let Ladybug Girl play.