Animals should definitely not wear clothing.

Written by: Judi Barrett Illustrated by: Ron Barrett When animals wear clothing they find themselves in all sorts of predicaments! Fun illustrations show us why animals should definitely not wear clothing. For example, a camel might wear a hat on it’s hump and not on it’s head, or a woolly sheep might get too hot […]

When the Root Children Wake Up

Written by: Audrey Wood           Illustrated by: Ned Bittinger LIl Bug loves gnomes so we were a little disappointed when we couldn’t find any books about gnomes at the library (suggestions are welcome!). So we expanded our search to include fairies and other forest dwellers and that is how we found […]

Something new

Over the past several months Lil Bug (our 2 1/2 year old big girl) bloomed into quite the bookworm. Previously her interest in reading was sporadic but we now read several times a day and have quickly hit the “read it again” stage. We are starting to have much more dialogue about the stories we […]