Written by: Odile Weulersse          Illustrated by: Rebecca Dautremer

This is another book that Lil Bug pulled off the shelf at the library. It is a little longer than most of the books we read so I was surprised when she asked to read it over and over. Nasreddine and his father go to the market together each week but each time they go someone along the way laughs at them. Embarrassed, each week Nasreddine tries something new to appease the people who are judging him and his father. He tries riding on their donkey with his father, riding it by himself, both him and his father walking along the donkey. But each time they are met with ridicule, to which Nasreddine’s father calmly replies, “you are hurting my ears.” Eventually Nasreddine has the “brilliant” idea that he and his father should carry their donkey, at this his father laughs and explains to Nasreddine that trying to please everyone else is ridiculous. He explains, “It’s up to you to decide if what you’re hearing is wise, or if it’s only a silly and hurtful remark.” Of course, the message of the story is an important one, but was a little difficult to explain to Lil Bug, who was just given a little lecture about listening to her parents!

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