The Very Big Carrot


Written and Illustrated by: Satoe Tone

 Six bunnies find a “very big carrot” and have to figure out what to do with it. They could use it as a boat, a plane, or a house. But all this planning makes that bunnies very hungry.., so finally they decide to eat the big carrot.  We grabbed this book from the library because the illustrations are so fanciful and fun. When the bunnies think about using the carrot as a house, the bunnies are sitting on balconies drinking coffee. When they consider using the carrot for a garden each of the bunnies has a watering can and hat. Lil Bug likes to look at the pictures to see what new things we can find.

Lil Bug says: The bunnies all say “Wow. That’s a very big carrot!” and they eat the very big carrot.


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