A Farm of Her Own


Written by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock      Illustrated by: Kathleen Kolb

Lil Bug loves going to the farm. We pick apples, pet the sheep and goats and say ‘Thank you!’ to the chickens for our eggs. In A Farm of Her Own, 10 year old Emma gets to spend the summer at Sunnyside Farm with her great-aunt and uncle and her 4 cousins. She falls in love with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the farm.  And even though it was a busy farm “with haying and milking, and weeding, and cows and calves and chickens and lambs to be fed” Emma learned there was plenty of time for fun too. Emma goes home at the end of the summer but never forgets the farm. When she grows up and the farm is for sale Emma and her family buy the farm, fix it up and she finally has a Farm of Her Own. Lil Bug loves looking at the pictures of  the animals, fruits, and veggies on the farm but is most interested in hearing how Emma grew up to become a mommy and a farmer herself and how her kids now live on the farm. There are a couple of paragraphs in which Emma’s aunt and uncle pass away and the farm goes into ruin which we generally skip mostly because we find so much else to talk about in this book that we don’t need to add a whole conversation about the circle of life….

Lil Bug says: She grows up like Mommy and she has a farm of her own. Her aunt makes doughnuts. She has chickens. She has cats. She has to go home to Mama and Papa.


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