What Will Hatch?


Written by: Jennifer Ward         Illustrated by: Susie Ghahremani

 Can you look at an egg and guess what will hatch from it? Few words are used so this book really lends itself to talking about the pictures and asking kids to join in with their own observations. Several different animals are profiled. First the eggs are introduced, for example, a bunch of “jelly, jiggly” eggs in the water, flip the page and we see that they hatched into tadpoles. Some of the eggs are cut out so we can a tiny peek at the next page. Love the die cut illustrations, especially the chicken egg development series at the end of the book. Great for talking about diversity, some animals are big, some small, some have lots of siblings, some just a couple, some live in the water, some on land, some do both! Lil Bug is keen on seeing the mommy and daddy animals, and discussing the familial relationships between all.


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