Planting a Rainbow


Written and Illustrated by: Lois Ehlert

This summer we got a plot in our neighborhood community garden. We had done a little gardening before and had medium-to-high hopes of growing and then enjoying our own veggies. What a great learning experience for Lil Bug we thought! After several weeks of solid rain when we checked on our garden all we saw was tall grass and a bunch of fat bunnies. We did manage to grow some nice basil but otherwise our garden was a bust. Luckily Lil Bug hasn’t been deterred and is still very interested in how thinks grow. We really enjoy reading Planting a Rainbow together and using the pictures to talk about planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings in the ground and how they grow and sprout up. Lil Bug is also interested in learning the names of the different types of flowers. The end of the book separates all the flowers by color and Lil Bug likes to read that part herself!

Lil Bug says: I have Planting a Rainbow at home. It’s from my cousins. There are seedlings. There are baby flowers. They sprout.


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