These Seas Count


Written by: Alison Formento      Illustrated by: Sarah Snow

Part counting book, part oceanography lecture, this book is great for reading to kids of different ages. Mr. Tate’s class meets up with Captain Ned to help clean up the beach. As they count all the different animals they see they marvel at the ocean’s diversity and beauty. Captain Ned teaches the kids how polluting the ocean negatively impacts tiny phytoplankton, marine animals and even people. There is a huge emphasis on keeping the oceans clean and encouraging kids to find ways they can help. I’m guessing Lil Bug glosses over a little when they talk about the water cycle but she enjoys counting the animals and this book offers a great way to introduce her to the importance of conservation and how our lifestyle can impact our world.

Lil Bug says: There is garbage in The Seas Count. And they go on a big boat.


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