The Missing Mitten Mystery


Written and Illustrated by: Steven Kellogg

Oh no, Annie can’t find her mitten! She and her dog Oscar revisit all the places they played to look for it but it isn’t anywhere. What could have happened to it? Did a bird take the mitten, or maybe a mouse? Annie thinks it would be nice to plant a mitten tree and then harvest the mittens in the fall and have plenty for everyone. Annie is at her neighbors house when it gets dark and starts to rain, when they see their snowman melting, the Missing Mitten Mystery is solved. On our first read of this book Lil Bug had a worried look on her face and I could tell she wasn’t sure Annie would find her mitten again. But now that she knows the end of the story she can laugh at all the silly ideas Annie has about her missing mitten.

 Lil Bug says: I lost my sock. It starts to rain and there is a snowman. Ralph loses his boots.


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