Roly-Poly Egg

Written and Illustrated by: Kali Stileman Splotch’s egg is small and spotty and “absolutely perfect in every way.” But when she jumps up and down in excitement is rolls away. Following the swirling dotted line we can follow Splotch’s egg as it twists and twirls it’s way by giraffes, zebras crocodiles, elephants, and monkeys and […]

The Hanukkah Hop

Written by: Erica Silverman       Illustrated by: Steven D’Amico “Biddy-biddy bim-bom bim-bom bop” Rachel and her family are ready for a Hanukkah party with music that won’t stop! First they get the menorah and sing some songs, they hear the story of the Maccabees, eat some yummy latkes and jelly doughnuts and play […]