Hank Finds an Egg


Illustrations by: Rebecca Dudley

A small egg has fallen from its nest, luckily Hank comes along and and knows he must help it get back home. Hank is too short to reach the nest and so he tries to find a way to climb up and replace the egg. When evening comes and he hasn’t found a solution he settles in for the night and keeps the egg close. In the morning he figures out an ingenious way for the mamma hummingbird to bring her egg back to her nest. Once they hatch the baby hummingbirds fly off to find their hero, Hank. Dudley, creates all her characters and their woody wonderland and then photographs them giving the reader the feeling they could stumble into them one day.

Lil Bug says: Hank finds an egg.  He tries to put it in the nest.  It turns to night time and he sleeps with the egg. I like Hank Finds an Egg.


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