Nora’s Chicks


Written by: Patricia MacLachlan   Illustrated by: Kathryn Brown

Nora and her family have moved all the way from Russia to a small farm in America. Nora misses her old home and wants a friend to talk to. Her father has his horses and cows, her brother has his dog Willie but Nora needs something “all her own”. One day her father brings home some chicks and two geese, they are supposed to be for eating but Nora decides they are “too beautiful” to eat. She names each one, they follow her everywhere and they become “Nora’s chicks.” One of the chicks goes missing and Nora can’t find her anywhere. Luckily her neighbor Susannah brings her home, now Nora has her chicks and a new friend. Each chick has a name and Lil Bug loves to point at each one and day their names over and over again!

Lil Bug says: She’s so sad about Natasha because she misses Natasha.  Nora and Susannah are so shy. They make friends.


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