Elephant Joe, Brave Knight!


Written and Illustrated by: David Wojtowycz

Oh no, the Dark Knight has stolen the King’s crown! With horses and armor Elephant Joe and Zebra Pete set off through the Enchanted Forest to retrieve the crown. Along the way they encounter a dragon and a damsel in distress. Uh oh, did they walk right into a trap? Luckily, good manners and a new friend help them save the day! After reading this book, Lil Bug has been asking loads of questions about knights, damsels and drawbridges! The artwork is a fun collage of cartoon illustrations with some photo details thrown in. We love to pretend to eat all the food at feast at the end of the story.

Lil Bug says: Elephant Joe, Brave Knight I like that story. Fire melted his sword. They go trit-trot on the horse. The dragon didn’t melt Zebra Pete ‘s  sword.


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