Princess Hyacinth the Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated

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Written by: Florence Parry Heide   Illustrated by: Lane Smith

Princess Hyacinth is just a regular princess, who is actually not that different from a regular person except for one thing: she floats. Without weights or ties to hold her down, Princess Hyacinth just floats up, up, up! While this might seem kind of cool, it actually means that Princess Hyacinth can’t go out play with the other kids leaving her bored.  After a mishap with a man selling balloons the Princess discovers how fun it is to dance, whirl and spin outside. Fortunately she has a friend who can help bring her back down to earth. Great story and fun illustrations but get ready for some tongue twisters, Princess Hyacinth can be a mouthful.

Lil Bug says: She is floating and is really sad. She’s sad because she wants to run around with the kids. Princess Hyacinth doesn’t run in the grass. Princess Hyacinth floated. Boy said to Princess Hyacinth, “I like you,” over his shoulder. Princess Hyacinth jumps up and down in the park, happy, happy, happy.  She bopped with the balloons. She never had so much fun in her life.


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