It’s OK to Be Different



 Written and Illustrated by: Todd Parr

“It’s OK to need some help.” “It’s OK to have a different nose.” “It’s OK to get mad.” It’s OK to Be Different is a great way to begin discussions about tolerance with  young kids. Parr celebrates everyone’s unique appearance, ability, actions and feelings. Lil Bug is noticing differences lately and is full of questions – “Why is my friends skin a different color?” “Why doesn’t that mommy look like you?” “Why does she have a wheelchair?” and so on. The simplicity of Parr’s book makes it excellent when talking about a specific topic as well as starting up a general conversation about celebrating diversity.

Lil Bug says: I like the one with the ice cream cones. I like the extra large one because I just do. It’s OK to be different.  I like this book. I like the words.

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