Once Upon a Balloon


Written by: Bree Calbraith   Illustrated by: Isabelle Malenfant

After recently  losing a couple of balloons (and surviving the subsequent meltdowns) Lil Bug and I were happy to find a book that addresses the question of where balloons go when they float away. The answer, surprisingly is Chicago. Who knew? Apparently, Frank, the Nocturnal City Collection Custodian gathers all the lost balloons that end up in Chicago each night and brings them to a warehouse. At first its sounds like Frank has a pretty cool job but sadly it is lonely and causes him to miss out on a lot of fun times. With some encouragement from two brothers Theo and Zeke, Frank finds a new way to keep the balloons from overwhelming the city.

Lil Bug says: Once Upon a Balloon. A balloon ran away from the guy who was holding it. It slipped out of the hand of the boy when he was leaving his cousins house. The book is fun, it’s is good. I don’t like when the guy uses his broom.


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