A Mom for Umande

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Written by: Maria Faulconer   Illustrated by: Susan Kathleen Hartung

When Umande the gorilla is born at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, his young mom Kwisha doesn’t know how to take care of him. The zookeepers feed him, hold him and even teach him gorilla behaviors, like grooming. 24 hours a day the keepers parent Umande. But Umande needs to be with other gorillas, and especially needs a gorilla mother. When none of the other gorillas at the zoo show interest in being his mom, Umande moves to another zoo. There he meets LuLu, an experienced gorilla who knows exactly how to take care of Umande. The two quickly become inseparable. Based on a true events, Umande currently lives at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.

Lil Bug says: No one takes care of him. So his zookeepers take care of him. Umande needs a mom and the zookeepers keeps him. He moves to another zoo.

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