Little Rat Makes Music


Written by: Monika Bang- Campbell   Illustrated by: Molly Bang

Lil Bug has been taking violin lessons for a few months now. She has just moved from her homemade instrument to a real violin and is very excited. Just like Lil Bug, Little Rat loves to listen to music and is thrilled when she gets to start violin lessons. She wants to play songs right away but she quickly learns to it takes a lot of work to play the violin. Unfortunately, Little Rat loathes practicing. When her teacher Miss Wingbutton asks if she wants to play a duet in the holiday concert, Little Rat is determined to learn her song “the best I can.” After a successful performance Little Rat learns that the most beautiful music comes when you play for yourself, because you love it.

Lil Bug says: Little Rat Makes Music! She doesn’t like to practice. Her teacher is a little scary sometimes. Little Rat is a girl.


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