Katy and the Big Snow



Written & Illustrated by: Virginia Lee Burton

Katy is the hardest working crawler tractor in the city of Geoppolis. She helps fix the roads in the summer and in winter she clears off the snow. When Geoppolis is buried in several feet of snow the entire city is shut down! Everyone is counting on Katy to clear the roads and get the city running again. Lil Bug loves the illustrations, especially the map of Geoppolis and a picture of Katy pulling a steamroller out of a pond.

Lil Bug says: Katy and the Big Snow! She  says, “Follow me!” It was snowing in Geoppolis.  Katy is a strong tractor with a snow plow. The doctor couldn’t get his patient to the hospital and the mailman can’t go through. So Katy said, “Follow me!” She’s in the city of Geoppolis. The steamroller fell in the pond and Katy pulled it out.


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