There’s Going to Be a Baby

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Written by: John Burningham   Illustrated by: Helen Oxenbury

When a little boy finds out he is going to be a big brother, of course he has lots of questions.  At times he is excited, “When is the baby coming, Mommy? I want to see the baby.” And others a bit apprehensive, “Mommy, can’t you tell the baby to go away? We don’t really need the baby, do we?” He and his mom imagine all the things the baby could grow up to be. Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations add some fun as we see the baby working as a chef, an artist, a zookeeper, a banker, etc. Lil Bug loves to point out the mom’s growing belly throughout the book, I’m impressed with her cute maternity clothes : )

Lil Bug says: There’s Going to Be a Baby! The baby does lots of silly things, like make pancakes. And the big kid says, Do we need a baby? No we don’t need a baby.” I like when the big kid says, “I don’t want to eat anything from the baby.”


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