The Bear’s Song


Written and Illustrated by: Benjamin Chaud

Winter is coming and Papa Bear is ready to hibernate but filled with “honey thoughts” Little Bear sneaks away following a buzzing bee. When Papa Bear realizes his little one is gone he sets off to find him. He searches the forest and into the city where he follows Little Bear into the Opera House. With all the hustle and bustle Papa Bear can’t catch up to Little Bear until he winds up onstage and sings the Bear’s Song. When the two are reunited, Little Bear has a sweet surprise for Papa Bear!

Lil Bug says: The bear ran away and Papa Bear’s heart “sinked,” and he said, “Where did my Little Bear run off too.” There is a saw in the picture. There is a “frazzled” looking bee, he knocks over a coat rack, and he scared the people and he scared the funny looking birds.


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