Turkey in the Straw

Written by: Barbara Shook Hazen  Illustrated by: Brad Sneed What happens when a farmer loves to fiddle? Well, his wife frets and his daughter fidgets until the unfortunate day that the gophers come, the cows stop making milk and there is a killer frost. With the farm in disarray they host a fiddling party! Now […]

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Written by: Andrea Beatty  Illustrated by: David Roberts Rosie loves to tinker and build and solve problems. She makes helium pants, a cheese hat and hot dog dispenser but when people laugh at her inventions she sadly decides she will never be a great engineer. Rosie’s great-great Aunt Rose tell her that her biggest wish is to fly. […]

Princesses are Pretty

Written by: Kath Smith  Illustrated by: Caroline Jayne Church In Princesses are Pretty we meet Susie, Sarah and Polly three young, unique princesses each with their own story. With help from their friends Fairy Heather, Sir MacEye and Sir Dave the princesses get a good nights rest, share their toys and find a lost kitty. […]