Rosie Revere, Engineer


Written by: Andrea Beatty  Illustrated by: David Roberts

Rosie loves to tinker and build and solve problems. She makes helium pants, a cheese hat and hot dog dispenser but when people laugh at her inventions she sadly decides she will never be a great engineer. Rosie’s great-great Aunt Rose tell her that her biggest wish is to fly.  Now Rosie can’t stop dreaming, planning and designing. When her helio-cheese-copter lifts up only to crash down again, Rosie is devastated. But not great-great Aunt Rose who is thrilled with Rosie’s brilliant first try.

Lil Bug says: How would the shoes drop in helium pants? How would he take those things off? And how did the hot dog dispenser make hot dogs? Her dreams came true and she brought the cheese-copter out onto the lawn. She’s a great engineer, great engineer, great engineer.


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