Big Mean Mike


Written by: Michelle Knudsen    Illustrated by: Scott Magoon

Who says big mean dogs and tiny fuzzy bunnies can’t be friends? When cute bunnies start showing up in Big Mean Mike’s big tough car he worries about his image. But after a good time at the monster truck show the bunnies show Mike that true friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Lil Bug says: He doesn’t let the bunnies in his car. The first time I read this one I wanted to keep it a secret but now I don’t want to keep it a secret. He drives his big, mean car. He’s the biggest, toughest dog in the whole neighborhood. And, also, do you know why I like it? I like how the bunnies hide behind everything. Also, I have a dog too, and her name is Maisy. Mike says, “Fine I’m not missing the show because of you.” When he drives to the gym, two of the bunnies are in his car and he barks at them. He puts them on the sidewalk and they aren’t happy. And when they were friends Mike let them onto his lap and let them go to the show. The other dogs weren’t nice to him and laughed and pointed at him and said, “Got some new little friends there?”

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