The Journey


Written by: Sarah Stewart    Illustrated by: David Small

Young Hannah brings her diary on her first trip away from the farm. Each night she writes to her “silent friend” about all her adventures in the big city. While Hannah enjoys carriage and boats rides, trips to the aquarium and museum she thinks often of her Aunt Clara and hopes to find her the perfect present. After each of Hannah’s diary entries about the city, David Small’s illustrations offer of beautiful glimpse into Hannah’s life at home.

Lil Bug says: I like the tall buildings in The Journey because I like tall buildings because I’m used to seeing them in Syracuse. I also like how they make a quilt because I like quilt. I like how this quilt has “X’s” on it and how it is white. I also like how The Journey has a pony and it carries the carriage to the bus stop. And I like buses which are pretty cool because you have seat belts in them. They are different from car seat belts because they wrap around your waist.

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