Big Mean Mike

Written by: Michelle Knudsen    Illustrated by: Scott Magoon Who says big mean dogs and tiny fuzzy bunnies can’t be friends? When cute bunnies start showing up in Big Mean Mike’s big tough car he worries about his image. But after a good time at the monster truck show the bunnies show Mike that true friends come […]

At the Same Moment Around the World

Written and Illustrated by: Clotilde Perrin Fantastic trip around the world starting in Dakar, Senegal and making a stop in each timezone. So much fun to discover new places and think about how people all over the world are doing different things at exactly the same time. We read this book at bed time a lot […]

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Written by: Andrea Beatty  Illustrated by: David Roberts Rosie loves to tinker and build and solve problems. She makes helium pants, a cheese hat and hot dog dispenser but when people laugh at her inventions she sadly decides she will never be a great engineer. Rosie’s great-great Aunt Rose tell her that her biggest wish is to fly. […]

Lala Salama A Tanzanian Lullaby

Written by: Patricia MacLachlan  Illustrated by: Elizabeth Zunon A breezy lullaby takes a mom and baby through their day. Lil Bug and her brother love Zunon’s illustrations of the baby in a carrier on his mother’s back as she gathers water, works the fields and cooks the food. Mom enjoys feeling her baby’s heartbeat and whispers “Lala […]

There’s Going to Be a Baby

Written by: John Burningham   Illustrated by: Helen Oxenbury When a little boy finds out he is going to be a big brother, of course he has lots of questions.  At times he is excited, “When is the baby coming, Mommy? I want to see the baby.” And others a bit apprehensive, “Mommy, can’t you […]

A Mom for Umande

Written by: Maria Faulconer   Illustrated by: Susan Kathleen Hartung When Umande the gorilla is born at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, his young mom Kwisha doesn’t know how to take care of him. The zookeepers feed him, hold him and even teach him gorilla behaviors, like grooming. 24 hours a day the keepers parent Umande. […]