Lala Salama A Tanzanian Lullaby

Written by: Patricia MacLachlan  Illustrated by: Elizabeth Zunon A breezy lullaby takes a mom and baby through their day. Lil Bug and her brother love Zunon’s illustrations of the baby in a carrier on his mother’s back as she gathers water, works the fields and cooks the food. Mom enjoys feeling her baby’s heartbeat and whispers “Lala […]


Illustrated by: Suzy Lee  With blue, black and gray, Suzy Lee’s illustrations capture all the joy and awe of playing with waves on the beach. A young girl plays games with the sea keeping away from the waves until she finally runs in splashing all the way. As the tides change she’s rewarded with some treasures from the sea. Lil […]


written and illustrated by: Jorey Hurley With just one word on each page Lil Bug and I can make up a new story each time we read nest. We follow two robins as they prepare their nest, watch their egg hatch and their little chick grow. We get to enjoy both big and little events with […]