Big Mean Mike

Written by: Michelle Knudsen    Illustrated by: Scott Magoon Who says big mean dogs and tiny fuzzy bunnies can’t be friends? When cute bunnies start showing up in Big Mean Mike’s big tough car he worries about his image. But after a good time at the monster truck show the bunnies show Mike that true friends come […]

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Written by: Andrea Beatty  Illustrated by: David Roberts Rosie loves to tinker and build and solve problems. She makes helium pants, a cheese hat and hot dog dispenser but when people laugh at her inventions she sadly decides she will never be a great engineer. Rosie’s great-great Aunt Rose tell her that her biggest wish is to fly. […]

Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur

Written by: Robin Pulver   Illustrated by: R.W.Alley When the principal informs Mrs. Toggle she is getting a new student there is a slight misunderstanding and Mrs. Toggle frantically prepares her class for a dinosaur! Her anxiety increases as she asks the custodian for a bigger desk, takes her class to the library to learn […]

The Book With No Pictures

Written by: B.J. Novak A kids book with no pictures? How can that be? Well the words must be pretty entertaining then! Lil Bug was hooked as soon as we got to “Blork.” and “Bluurf.” Yup, the adult reading this book is going to be making lots of odd sounds and silly proclamations. We definitely get the giggles when we  read […]