Lala Salama A Tanzanian Lullaby


Written by: Patricia MacLachlan  Illustrated by: Elizabeth Zunon

A breezy lullaby takes a mom and baby through their day. Lil Bug and her brother love Zunon’s illustrations of the baby in a carrier on his mother’s back as she gathers water, works the fields and cooks the food. Mom enjoys feeling her baby’s heartbeat and whispers “Lala salama” (sleep peacefully).

Lil Bug says: We can see lights but we don’t know which are daddy’s. Hush, go to sleep, Lala Salama. Listen to the fire while cleaning daddy’s rowboat off. Hush. I liked this book, it was a library book.


Kiss the Cow


Written by: Phylis Root   Illustrated by: Will Hillenbrand

Mama May has more kids than she can count but luckily she has a Luella, a magic cow whose milk helps feed them all. With a couple of songs and a kiss on the nose, Luella provides enough milk for the kids to drink at breakfast and have cheese for supper. But when Annalisa “the most curious and the most stubborn” of Mama May’s children decides she wants to milk Luella but doesn’t follow the magic cows rules the milk stops flowing.

Lil Bug says: She doesn’t ever ever want to kiss the cow. I like all the names, Annalisa, Luella and Mama May. When she doesn’t kiss the cow she doesn’t give milk. She kissed the cow twice.

Bear Has a Story to Tell


Written by: Philip C. Stead   Illustrated by: Erin E. Stead

Bear has a great story to share with his friends. But with winter on the way Mouse, Duck, Frog and Mole have too much to do to sit an listen. Bear helps his friends prepare for the long winter and settles into sleep himself. When it’s finally spring and all of his friends are together bear can’t remember his story. Now Bear’s friends help him!

Lil Bug says: Frog says, “I’m sorry Bear,” because he needs to find a warm place to sleep. Duck says, “I’m sorry,” because she needs to fly away. Bear looks for Mole. In the spring they wait all day for Mole. My friend gave me this book.

Snowmen at Night


Written by: Caralyn Buehner   Illustrated by: Mark Buehner

Hmmm, how come the snowmen sometimes look a little funny in the morning? What do snowmen do at night? They sneak off to the park and, “Then the snowman games begin: They line up in their places. each one anxious for his turn in the snowman races.” After skating, sledding, racing and of course of snowball fight it’s no wonder that sometimes snowmen don’t look same in the morning.

Lil Bug says: They eat cocoa. They play baseball games. One has a carrot nose and one has a cucumber nose.

Oh No! A Fox!


Written & Illustrated by: Janet Morgan Stoeke

A fox has been sneaking around Loopy Coop Farm. It’s Rooster Sam’s job to watch over the hens, but are Midge, Pip and Dot safe? Luckily someone at the farm knows how to scare the fox away.

Lil Bug says: A fox went in and woke up Dot. I really liked it and want to borrow it from the library again.

The Bear’s Song


Written and Illustrated by: Benjamin Chaud

Winter is coming and Papa Bear is ready to hibernate but filled with “honey thoughts” Little Bear sneaks away following a buzzing bee. When Papa Bear realizes his little one is gone he sets off to find him. He searches the forest and into the city where he follows Little Bear into the Opera House. With all the hustle and bustle Papa Bear can’t catch up to Little Bear until he winds up onstage and sings the Bear’s Song. When the two are reunited, Little Bear has a sweet surprise for Papa Bear!

Lil Bug says: The bear ran away and Papa Bear’s heart “sinked,” and he said, “Where did my Little Bear run off too.” There is a saw in the picture. There is a “frazzled” looking bee, he knocks over a coat rack, and he scared the people and he scared the funny looking birds.

The Book With No Pictures


Written by: B.J. Novak

A kids book with no pictures? How can that be? Well the words must be pretty entertaining then! Lil Bug was hooked as soon as we got to “Blork.” and “Bluurf.” Yup, the adult reading this book is going to be making lots of odd sounds and silly proclamations. We definitely get the giggles when we  read this one!

Lil Bug says: I want to Thank You to Nate and Jacob for this book! It might be fun for someone to read you a book with no pictures! I like the parts with the silly noises. It’s a really silly book. Bonk!

Carousel Cat

contentWritten & Illustrated by: Robert J. Blake

Dan has a routine, every morning her arrives at the Pavilion O’ Fun and meets up with his friends, Madame Fortune, the World’s Strongest Tattooed Man and the orange cat. They begin each day with a ride on the carousel in car number three. Poor Dan has some bad luck, The Pavilion O’ Fun closes, he doesn’t see his friends as much and the cat goes missing. When a fire in their favorite restaurant brings them back together they find the cat, who has a surprise of it’s own.

Lil Bug says: The cat comes in from the broken window. The Carousel Cat has kittens. I want to tell everyone they didn’t  know how she got in the broken window. The cat comes in early and is waiting for Dan.




Written by: Sally Sutton   Illustrated by: Brian Lovelock

Fun noises, rhymes and big trucks galore! Lil Bug and her brother could read Roadwork ten times a day. Sutton’s fun rhymes incorporate lots of construction noises which are fun for everyone to make, “Seal the road. Seal the road. Make is hot and squishy. Spread the stick tar and stones. Sploshy! Splashy Splishy!” Lovelock’s illustrations showcase all the wonderful construction vehicles a kid could ask for.

Lil Bug says: Crash, boom. Mark it on the map, ping, bang tap!!! It’s so cool there are trucks in it, I love trucks. I like the steamroller.

Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress



Written by: Christine Baldacchino   Illustrated by: Isabelle Malenfant

Morris likes to paint, do puzzles and sing at school but most of all he loves the dress up clothes, especially the tangerine dress. It goes, “swish, swish, swish when he walks and crinkle, crinkle crinkle when he sits down,” and his favorite shoes, “click, click, click across the floor,” when he walks. But Morris doesn’t like how the other kids tease him for wearing the dress. The boys banish Morris from their pretend rocket ship so he makes his own. But when his classmates realize Morris’ adventures are much more exciting than theirs they learn to accept Morris, dress and all. After reading Morris Micklewhite we’ve had lots of great conversations with Lil Bug about respecting everyone and treating them kindly, even when they do things differently or in a way we don’t understand.

Lil Bug says: Morris Micklewhite, his friends were not nice to him. People don’t like him going in his spaceship unless his takes his dress off. Morris’ tangerine dress is like his mommy’s hair, tigers and Moo. The kids learn to be nice.